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Over the years, we have compiled a list of industry-related companies that offer products and services that we recommend for your Haas CNC machine.

From programming and software to workholding and probe options, this list offers resources from companies that we trust to provide you with options that will successfully complement your Haas machine.


Air Preparation Equipment


CAD/ CAM Utilities


Communications/ DNC Software


Coolant/ Cutting Fluid




Estimating Software


Pallet Systems


Probe Options


Robot Ready Interface


Robot Ready Interface

Haas Automation has developed a single-point interface that standardizes communication between the Haas control and a parts-loading robot. Available on select Haas machines, the pre-engineered Robot Ready option includes the necessary hardware, DeviceNet™ I/O module, and software to connect a Haas mill or lathe to a machine-tending robot. This option simplifies robot set-up, making it easier for more shops to use robotic cells for their manufacturing.

Haas machine tools have been used in robot-tended installations for years. The mid-size Haas mills and turning centers have ideal footprints and work envelopes for use in high-production robotic cells. In the past, however, each discrete cell required its own unique hardware set-up for the machine and robot to communicate effectively.

The Robot Ready option allows a Haas CNC machine to integrate easily into a robotic cell. It is a flexible solution that allows machines to be added, removed, or exchanged as production changes or the machine shop grows.

Robot Ready Features

  • Easy Connection Using DeviceNet™ Protocol – one cable connection from robot to CNC
  • Easy Programming – add robot requests to any CNC program using M-codes
  • Safe Remote Cycle Start Capable
  • Example Programs

Sources for robots and workholding

The following is a partial list of sources of these items. Ideally, either the robot manufacturer or integrator will suggest where to find the fixturing, grippers, robot, fence, etc.

Robot Companies:

The Haas Robot Ready interface will work with any robot that supports DeviceNet. Haas Automation has worked closely with the following companies in creating an interface that simplifies integration of machine tool tending installations.



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