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Toolroom Lathe
CNC Lathes: Toolroom Lathe

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Front and Rear Spindle Nose

The Redesigned and Upgraded TL-1 & TL-2 Toolroom Lathes

Since their introduction, the Haas TL-1 and TL-2 Toolroom Lathes have been popular machines for start-up shops, schools, and manual shops transitioning to CNC. They are affordable, easy to use, and offer the precision control of the Haas CNC system. Equipped with the Haas Intuitive Programming System, the TL-1 and TL-2 are easy to learn and operate - even without knowing G-code - and manual machinists will transition quickly and easily into full CNC.

The TL-1 and TL-2 have been completely redesigned, and are now better than ever, with new enclosures and higher overall performance. The TL-1 has a maximum capacity of 16" x 30", while the TL-2 has a maximum capacity of 16" x 48". Both have a 20" swing over the front apron, and now feature an A2-6 spindle nose that accepts an 8" or 10" optional 3-jaw manual chuck, and has a 3.0" bore.

Key Features


TL-1 maximum capacity: 16" x 30" (406 x 762 mm)
TL-2 maximum capacity: 16" x 48" (406 x 1219 mm)

  • A2-6 spindle nose
  • 3.0" (76 mm) spindle bore
  • 2000-rpm, 12 hp (8.9 kW) spindle (3000-rpm option available)
  • 108 ft-lb (146 Nm) torque
  • 8" and 10" chuck options available
  • 450 ipm (11.4 m/min) rapids on both axes
  • 16" (406 mm ) maximum turning diameter
  • Now available with Color LED Remote Jog Handle
  • Improved headstock design for increased clearance

  • Enclosure standard - improved design funnels chips and coolant into the base
  • Redesigned base casting for better chip management
  • LED work light standard
  • Air blow gun standard
  • Faster rapids on both axes
  • Z-axis ballscrew is centered inline with the spindle to prevent racking
  • Z-axis ballscrew cover to increase longevity and reduce maintenance
  • Built-in tool rack and storage shelves

  • Improved tailstock brake design
    • Sufficient holding force for demanding applications
    • Same as the ST-10 design
    • Manual positioning for optimized setups, with no location restrictions
    • Manual quill, with handle adjusted part-engagement

  • Improved tailstock positioning
    • Slides on machined surfaces
    • Simple one-nut clamping, with included removable wrench
    • Remains on the spindle centerline via a spring mechanism that keeps the tailstock to one side
    • Allows greater flexibility when setting up
    • Is field installable



Part of the redesign included rethinking how to make the machines easier to operate. We added a tool storage bracket on the front of the enclosure to hold the tools you need all the time, such as the chuck and tailstock wrenches, and the included air blow gun. We also included two upper storage shelves for easy access to the tools the operator needs close by.

The improved tailstock brake design provides sufficient holding force for demanding applications. The tailstock also features improved manual positioning, with no location restrictions, to allow greater flexibility for machine setup.

The NEW coolant pump kit includes a 1/4 hp (186 W) pump that operates on single- or three-phase power, and a 20-gallon (76 liter) coolant tank with chip strainer.

Coolant is now plumbed through the cross slide for clean setup, and may be plumped directly to the tool post for through-tool applications.

The TL spindle is now a 12 hp (8.9 kW) drive, with 2000 rpm and an A2-6 spindle nose. There's also an optional 12 hp (8.9 kW) spindle with 3000 rpm. All spindles feature a 3-bearing design with maintenance-free bearings.

New air sensor for improved machine diagnostics and self-testing, with improved hose routing for the standard air blow gun and optional tool turret.

Improved headstock design provides more space between the spindle nose and the bulkhead for increased chuck-wrench clearance. (Never leave the handle in the chuck).

Lathe/Turning Center Features

Haas high-performance lathes/turning centers are designed to be extremely rigid, highly accurate, and very thermally stable, making them the best investments you've ever considered – providing more utility, flexibility, and productivity than you've ever imagined.

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Below are just a few of the features that make Haas the high-productivity, high-value leader. And the legendary Haas control makes every Haas lathe/turning center easy to operate. Built with the operator and programmer in mind, it's packed with intuitive features you won't find on any other CNC turning center.

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