SMINIMILL Shipping Information

Shipping Dimensions, Weight, and Crating Information

Domestic/Export Pallet

Export Crate

Domestic Pallet L x W x H

91 x 64 x 99 in
231 x 163 x 251 cm

Export Pallet L x W x H

91 x 64 x 99 in
231 x 163 x 251 cm


4,000 lb
1820 kg

This document provides the weight and shipping dimensions. The weight listed for a machine may be off by as much as +/- 5% due to option selection, casting variations, and even the moisture content of the wooden crates surrounding the machine.

The domestic pallet shipping method is the most common and is comprised of a wooden base to which the machine is bolted. The weight listed for each machine is based on the domestic pallet shipping configuration. If a configuration has an N/A in the cell, the machine does not ship in the way.

The domestic and export shipping crates consist of the wooden base as well as walls and a roof. All options and accessories are located within this shipping crate unless otherwise noted.