The Next Generation Haas CNC

Faster, smarter, and better looking,
with the goal of keeping your spindle turning.

Our Next Generation Control (NGC) is the latest update to the machine tool industry’s most user-friendly CNC control. We have significantly improved the user interface, with a more consistent and intuitive navigation experience, vastly improved connectivity, and an all-new Visual Programming System.

Standard Features

  • 1 GB Program Memory
  • Power-Failure Detection Module
  • Ethernet Connection
  • HaasConnect Mobile Monitoring

Optional Upgrades

  • 32 GB or 64 GB Program Memory
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Visual Programming System (VPS)
  • Dynamic Work Offsets (DWO) &
    Tool Center Point Control (TCPC)

Stay in the loop. Simple. Easy. HaasConnect.

The Next Generation Control has the ability to send you, and others you designate, Email and SMS text notifications about the operating status of your Haas machine. Set up is simple and easy through the MyHaas Portal and website. HaasConnect is free with every new Haas that has the Next Generation Control.

Make the connection with *HaasConnect.

Get your machine status notifications anywhere.


On any device.

Connect to MyHaas  

* HaasConnect is currently only available in US and Canada, to check availability in your country, contact your Haas Factory Outlet.


DWO/TCPC will save you time.

  • No need to fixture the part the same every time
  • No need to repost the program when the fixture changes
  • No need to repost the program when the stock changes

DWO/TCPC will increase your productivity.

  • Save time in the CAM system
  • Save money on setups
  • Increase your number of multi-axis operators
  • Increase your productivity
  • Make money faster

Dynamic Work Offsets (DWO) and Tool Center Point Control (TCPC) are software features in the Next Generation Control that greatly simplify multi-axis machining when using 4th- and 5th-axis rotary tables. DWO/TCPC eliminates the need to locate the workholding in exactly the same place, or repost the part program every time a job is set up. In the case of 4th- and 5th-axis contouring programs using TCPC, or 3+2 programs using DWO, the Haas control recognizes the part position and creates the correct toolpath, regardless of the workholding position, greatly reducing set-up time or reposting time.


Wireless Connection

The Next Generation Control has a vastly improved and simplified network set-up interface. Wired connectivity via Ethernet comes standard, but for more convenience, you can add the optional WiFi capability. With the NGC, there are no limitations with any common operating system; connectivity is fast and reliable.

On Board Memory

The NGC now has 1 GB of standard program memory. This means you'll have the ability to store many programs in the control, eliminating the need to use an external device for program backup. Large programs for complex molds, for example, can now be run from memory, doing away with the connectivity issues often experienced when running from the DNC or FNC.

Wired Connection

With Ethernet as a standard feature, connecting the NGC to your computer or shop network is incredibly easy. Ethernet is a super fast and reliable network connection that has replaced the RS-232 serial port. Using the Net Share feature in the Haas control, you can easily share, send, run, and edit programs from your desktop or Haas control in real time.


Operation and Navigation

Simplified Navigation

Navigation has been vastly simplified in the NGC, with consistent functionality of the cursor keys, and intuitive icons throughout the user experience, making the transition from the previous generation control seamless.

Easy to Access Icons

The operator Help interface has been enhanced with icons that provide easy access to information for any feature or option within the control.

Enhanced Features

The Current Commands screens have been reorganized and combined into a single display interface, with enhanced features like Advanced Tool Management, active codes, and more, right at your fingertips.


New Conversational Programming Help

The Haas Visual Programming System (VPS) lets you quickly create G-code programs for basic part features. The part-feature templates use a form-like interface with which you define the feature. VPS also includes a custom template generator so you can make templates for your own part features or frequently used programs. Your HFO’s Applications Department can help you get started.

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